A Screen That’s Seen

The hospitality sector is under pressure to maximise the space available to customers within restaurants, bistros, cafes, bars, and ‘in-work’ catering establishments, whilst still maintaining social distancing.

We’ve developed an attractive, versatile, and very flexible solution to ‘open-up’ what might otherwise be ‘excluded’ place settings on banqueting tables.

We produce a range of clear acrylic protective screens in sizes to suit your business that provide an effective barrier across tables when needed, to separate different dining groups.

  • Increase capacity of existing tables
  • Screens can be quickly moved / removed by one person
  • Easy to clean
  • Welcoming for customers
  • Can be completely customised
  • Screens cab double as hygienic on-table menu

The example shown above has a number of translucent glass-effect panels which partially obscure sight through to the adjacent table setting, providing an element of privacy between dining groups.

If you can open-up more available covers when you are busy, instead of turning away potential customers, why wouldn’t you?

Adding a screen increases safe occupancy of long tables,

Screens are freestanding on the table top with a weighted base which allows the screen to be easily moved or repositioned as appropriate.
Screens are provided in a variety of stock designs or we can provide branded and themed options so that the screens fit aesthetically with your restaurant decor.

The design of the screens has been focused on performing the function of providing a physical division between diners in the most attractive way.  Most designs are translucent, providing a light touch to a physical screen between dining groups. The screens can be repositioned very simply, or be completely removed within seconds when not required (and without having to use any tools).

The Finer Details

  • Screens are manufactured in 5mm clear acrylic and have radiused corners. All edges are polished.
  • Sizes always in stock are:
    • 980 x 580mm
    • 500 x 580mm (ideal for bar tops)
  • The bases are weighted acrylic troughs
  • Bespoke sizes and designs can be manufactured on short lead times

If you think that your business could benefit from A Screen That’s Seen make contact for an immediate response to all enquiries

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